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Why Wheel alignment is important:

  • it improves fuel efficiency,
  • it reduces tire wear,
  • it increases tire performance,
  • it improves vehicle handling and manoeuvrability. Wheel alignment is a big factor in a vehicle’s steering response.

Why tire pressure is important?

  • your tires will wear evenly which prolongs tire life
  • it improves the fuel economy of your vehicle.
  • your car will have better handling, giving you a more comfortable ride and dependable traction.

Why tire tread depth is important?

  • it prevents the vehicle from slipping and sliding out of control.
  • it reduces braking distances,
  • it increases maneuverability and grip, and reduces the risk of hydroplaning during rainy and wet.

Why is checking the health of your battery important?

  • you want to ensure your car starts when you need it most!
  • your battery might be near dead and you might be left out in the cold.